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Radar speed signs are scientifically proven to slow traffic and to be effective as a long-term traffic-calming solution. Studies show that: 80% of speeders will slow down when alerted by a radar sign. Speeds are reduced by 10-20%. Overall compliance with the posted speed

Radar Speed Signs | Driver Feedback Signs for Traffic

Speeding drivers put others at risk, especially when pedestrians are present in school zones, on neighborhood streets, or in work zones. Well-designed radar speed displays are highly effective in getting drivers to slow down in these areas and more. Also known as driver feedback signs, these traffic calming

Radar Speed Signs, Speed Trailers, Solar Speed Signs for Sale

Radar Speed Control Sign RU2Fast 350 18" Display. These Radar Speed Signs are modeled using the Speed Limit sign and made for pole mounting to calm traffic. Provides speed feedback with 18" LED high intensity display appropriate for higher speed, 40 MPH+ "Your Speed" radar sign included MUTCD compliant Weight 53 lbs. Includes mounting hardware.

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TraffiCalm™ makes traffic calming devices for today’s roads. With our vast LED sign design experience, and the broadest line of radar speed signs on the market. With a growing line of innovative complementary products, TraffiCalm™ is becoming the most complete and trusted traffic calming device manufacturer on the market.

Radar Speed Signs | Driver Feedback Signs for Traffic

Radar speed signs can slow down traffic in a school zone by as much as 9 mph, according to this study from the Texas Transportation Institute, and several studies have shown a range of around 5 to 9 mph. It may sound small, but this represents a substantial reduction in the risk of serious injury or death.


Raise the speed awareness of oncoming drivers with radar speed signs. Radar speed signs are traffic calming tools that alert motorists of their speed that can be used by cities and towns, neighborhoods, school zones, work zones, parks, daycare areas, churches, or anywhere traffic tends to exceed a safe rate of speed.

Radar Speed Signs, Speed Trailers, Solar Speed Signs for Sale

Our radar speed signs and trailers are durable and affordably priced. Choose from AC, battery or even more economical solar power models in 12" and up to 48" speed display sizes. Radar speed signs have been shown to be effective in helping motorists to slow down on neighborhood streets and other traffic areas that require lower speed.

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Mar 23, 2016· Radarsign TC-500 Radar speed sign with 12" LED display on black decorative pole /Municipal traffic calming-Centennial Park, Atlanta, GA. Helping drivers make better choices—to comply with speed...

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Radarsign – Radar on the GO Trailer Hitch Mount Kit available for TC400 Model ONLY. Adjustable hinge allows radar speed sign to be lowered without removing the hitch. Measures 45 1/2″ inches with radar speed sign. 38″ powder coated 2″ x 2″ standard steel mast. Stainless steel mounting bracket allows for easy mounting of battery...

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The impact of a traffic calming tool like a radar speed sign can be magnified by coupling it with a neighborhood driver safety campaign. Communicating with residents about a community-wide commitment to improve driver safety brings the issue to the forefront, helping residents pay more attention of their own, often automatic, driving patterns.

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Mar 19, 2021· During its latest work session Thursday evening, the Hermitage Board of Commissioners revealed its recommendation of radar speed signs as the traffic-calming method

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the speed of passing motorists and displays this speed onto a display board. Radar signs target excessive vehicle speeds by encouraging passing motorists to reduce their speed, if necessary. As of January 2009, the City has installed 31 stationary radar signs see Appendix pages 14 through 45 for site specific data for each sign.

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Radarsign is the leader in radar speed sign technology and provides an easy to operate driver feedback sign for neighborhoods, school zones, work zones, or anywhere traffic tends to zoom past a safe rate of speed. Radarsign's mission is to manufacture the most vandal resistant, reliable, cost effective driver feedback signs in the industry.

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Redmond's Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is part of the City's commitment to safety and livability of our neighborhoods. Through active participation by you and your neighbors, we can identify the problem, plan the approach, implement the solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness.

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Neighborhood Traffic Calming. The City of Bainbridge Island is seeking project ideas from the community that will improve conditions for people walking, biking or rolling in neighborhoods. These safety enhancements, known as “traffic calming” projects, may include physical designs or radar speed signs on existing roads to reduce vehicle speeds.

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The TC-1000 is a 17″ LED display speed radar sign available in solar powered and AC powered models. It is easily readable up to 1000 feet away and is ideal for 60-120 Km/h 40-75 mph speed limit roads. 2 digits, 17″ high super bright amber LEDs life up to 100,000 hours with directional beam technology.

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The TC-400 is a battery powered radar speed sign offering the ultimate in portable traffic calming. Using a new modular design, and built with the legendary quality standards that Radarsign is known for, the TC-400 is lightweight, easy to install, extremely durable and affordably priced. Lightweight Radar speed sign weighs only 20 lbs.